Why Real Food?

Why Real Food?
It’s our ancient, and now endangered, support system. Real Food provides both enrichment and protection for the inner and outer environments that humans rely on to survive and thrive.

Real Food faces peril as corporate and tech based interests come to dominate our civic, business and private environments

Real Food, 1940’s Style, once flourished planet-wide, encompassing  plant based medicine as well as fresh locally grown food. Even preserved  food was artisan made at home without chemicals or solvents and degreasers.

Everyone knew chicken soup could heal the body and that children, as well as grownups, needed  fresh fruits and vegetables. Mint tea healed digestive problems and oven warmed onions clapped onto an earache could heal an infection. Asparagus was synonymous with a spring detox and a plant poultice could heal a sprained ankle.

Following World War II, the planet came to be dominated by large economic interests, relying  on cheap fossil fuel delivery systems, financial complexity and “living better through chemistry.” These forces continue to endanger both our outer and inner environments.

Corporate food manufacturing, a big economic player in the 21st century, pollutes our atmosphere and our bodies with alien compounds that threaten, in aggregate, to destroy the very essence of human civilization and wellbeing.

Climate change, driven in great part by our massive global food distribution system, undermines farming and human life itself.

When this system collapses, we will desperately need local food and simple human scale distribution systems. Will they exist? Only if we create and sustain them now.

Farmers Kitchen Groceries brings you an opportunity to reach out  and touch real, artisan made good food. Our model? That most ancient of food systems, where a few forage and cook for many.