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Ordering Just Got Easier!

Look for lots of Thanksgiving sides and special Holiday Offerings on the Grocery list this week. Holiday updates will be posted Monday morning. We think Climate Friendly Local Food For the Future makes the best holiday gift for our families and our community .

We’re offering something new along with groceries. Look for the beginning of Make it Easy, Make it Real meal kit offerings, comprised of fresh, local and artisanal items from our groceries list. A subscription to this new service starts at $200 per month in the month of December (with patronage refunds for committed subscribers) and includes a deeply supportive process, with recipes, videos and podcasts to help you Cook at Home, nestled into a  community supported food system, in time that you actually have!

Check it out here and let us know how you like it.

Climate change stress begins with growing and making bad, chemical laden food and driving or flying it around the country, and around the world…because, why?… Because we can? Not anymore.

The nasty chemical BPA  lines every can of food you open, as well as many of the “soft” packages in the grocery store. BPA in our food can lead to hormonal disfunction, cancer and even Parkinson’s disease. Factory food hazards include  lack of nutrients and soil depletion.

Sealed plastic bags with salad greens and other faux fresh foods? They have a preservative gas inside. Your avocados other produce coming though commercial portals has been gassed with chemicals.

Our locally grown and carefully foraged food will help you avoid cans, chemicals and carbon. And we hope you will also become healthy and wealthy, as a result of having been so wise!

The items listed on our groceries site ( produce, baked goods, condiments, etc.) come and go, so we will update the list daily. There will always be something new and wonderful, and also something that is gone and may be with us again next year or next week.

“We must reimagine our relationship with nature,” said naturalist Paul Rosolie, referencing fires in the rainforest. Choosing to eat clean “small” food here at home surely reimagines the very essence of our relationship with nature. We just might put out some big fires of our own in the process.