Vote With Your Fork… Dr. Mark Hyman

Climate Friendly Local Food, for the Future of the Planet-the best holiday gift to our families and community! We love Dr. Hyman’s  take on this topic. Watch his brilliant synopsis here…..

Choosing to eat as our predecessors ate, we can vastly improve our health and turn our darkening future bright again. How do people achieve that in the modern world? It’s simple.

Real Food  turns our face  back about 70 years, to a time when people routinely got up before the sun and often worked deep into the night to make sure good food was on the table three times  every day.

Traditional cultures used efficiencies of scale (the big pot and the big spoon) to feed wonderful meals to large groups. My favorite example is the 40-50 people trooping in to the long food  laden tables in the cookhouse on my family’s ranch in the 1940’s in Nevada.. Today we see José Andres of Spain rushing into disaster areas with armies of chefs, not military MREs (meals ready to eat). He knows.

Farmers Kitchen draws on old world models,  cooking big batches for many and offering fresh good food, free of factory chemicals and planet burning food miles. As we embrace the “social capital” imbedded  in our local food community, it begins to make sense and things can get better. Civilization began with food and it could end there ..

Watch for our local meal kits, bringing us all together at the same metaphoric table

“Unless we recognize the overall failures of our current systems, we most probably don’t stand a chance.” Greta Thurnberg.