Reverse Climate Change with Real Food

“We have to recognize the way we are living, eating and consuming energy are all having an impact on the planet—and increasingly it is reacting.”
Fareed Zacaria 2020 *

Industrialized food shapes us today, and alters our world tomorrow. As we struggle to find  obscure paths back to real food, our planet will follow, calming itself, and us, as we reinvent an only recently lost ancient, food-centric life

Healthier, happier and stronger, we may discover that our new nutrient dense meals have become a miraculous, affordable healing force.

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Today’s industrialized “food system” is responsible for 1/3 of climate change, depending, as it does, upon fuel intensive transportation systems, vast refrigeration and manufacturing processes. Big Ag’s machines create heavily compacted soil, now rendered unable to sequester carbon. And factory made food necessitates toxic chemicals to disguise lack  of freshness and nutrients.

Save the world with real food? What a delicious idea!

*United Nations  Climate Report 2020
Cited by Fareed Zacaria
“Nature is declining globally at rates unprecedented in human history.” 75% of all land has been “severely altered” by human actions, as have 66% of the world’s marine environments. Ecosystems are collapsing, and biodiversity is disappearing. As many as 1 million plant and animal species (of 8 million total) are threatened with extinction, some within a few decades.”
*From Fareed Zacaria’s new book “10 Lessons for a Post Pandemic World”
Copyright (c) 2020 by Fareed Zakaria. Published by W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. All rights reserved.