The “American Way of Food”

New studies describing what could be called “the American Way of Food”are at their  best unnerving.  This week’s new study set off more alarm bells.
An outlawed chemical, called chlormequat, lives on-today,  in your Cheerios.  4 out of five Americans now have the chemical,  linked to reproductive and developmental problems, in their bloodstream.

Eating the standard American processed food  diet is now linked to dementia in your 50’s, and a 20 percent shorter lifespan than our parents. Colon cancer menaces young people in their 20’s and 30’s.

The planet is newly burdened with a food transport system that exists solely to provide us with either “fast Fritos” from Chicago, out of season fruit from South America, or their unreal equivalents at a jillion places on the global map.

The Fritos, Cheetos and Cheerios could  be easily emulated with variants on quick, freshly made corn chips from a stove near you.  Or apple fritters with local fruit from your local real food  place, or..what are Cheetos anyway?

Maybe we don’t need new tech… maybe we just need a better, more reality based, local fresh food system.  Our customer from the Sierra Club leadership, and others, (like a customer from the top tier of the USDA in Washington, who should know,) estimated the American processed food and transport system is responsible for more than half of our  climate change problem.

( Footnote; while we are solving unsolvable problems; We also think real food improves the lives and potential of our homeless friends and neighbors. Join us today and everyday in building the infrastructure that could make this happen.)

EWG finds little-known toxic chemical in four out of five people tested

Chlormequat GHS Classification