Ultra Processed Food Is Under the Gun Again This Week.

The WALL STREET JOURNAL HAS PUBLISHED NEW INFORMATION this week about America’s “dangerous addiction” to machine made food.
Read Their Article Here…

“The way we learn, remember and feel,”  has now been altered  by “ ultra processed food disorder.” Mental health and sleep problems just joined the perils of eating at the public trough. . (We thought we only had to think about obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease!)

It is important to note that some chemicals  can never be removed from  food  made with our machine technology. Solvents and degreasers keep our machines running on their 24-7, Day After Day schedule. These compounds crept into  the machine’s crevasses and corners long ago when the epic Day After Day film emerged from the Canadian Film Board   . Without solvents and degreasers all machines will seize up,  break down and become fully dysfunctional.  

In the 1990’s,  Congressional hearings were held to admit “organic” factory  food to our tables. Legislators at the time waived the solvents and degreasers issue aside as “necessary.”  Solvents and degreasers assured the continuity of what has now become our “food supply.”

Should we now find that making our food in this way is effectively  poisoning us, we might want to change up the template. Maybe making food in small batches from fresh local food is a better idea.

Maybe the myriad and wonderful student volunteers now aiding Farmers Kitchen from the UCD Sustainability Department can help us return to the kitchens of old cookhouses, longhouses and French cafes where dinners happen at 4. And to a world where freshly plattered and plated meals have happened over millennia in various communities and  at many ancient and communal tables worldwide.

Maybe. At Farmers Kitchen we will be redesigning ourselves as a non profit with the hope of further reviving our real local food within our community and  a return to ancient food ways at table. The climate desperately needs this revival. And all of the rest of us do as well.