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Meal Basket-Black Beans and Rice Escabeche with Fried Egg or Avocado

Black Beans and Rice w Fried Eggs and Escabeche Pickles

This beloved dish is never off our menu, and it will never be off yours if you
have the ingredients on hand. Avoid canned Black Beans as they contain BPA
from the lining of the can, not to mention the solvents and degreasers that are
used on machines in the factory where they were prepared. One of best things
you can do for yourself is to lose the can opener!

If you want to learn how to cook these beans yourself, sign up for our
Kitchen Immersion program (call us!). You can purchase finished beans here and
make your own rice or purchase our house risotto, below. You can opt in or out of the classic Escabeche Pickles, and in or out of the fried egg.

We will post a video here that shows you how to fry the egg, cut the avocado, and how to
heat and plate the dish. Everything you might need other than salt and pepper is available
on this site. Arrange for delivery in Davis if you prefer, or, let us know
when you are coming and we’ll have it boxed up and ready for quick pickup.

Order Black Beans Here Per Quart
Order Vegetable Risotto HereĀ 
Order Escabeche Pickles Here (Per Pint)
Order Farm Fresh Free Range Eggs Here (1 dozen)
Order Avocado Here (Each)
Time to prepare-20 minutes max-maybe less!