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Come and eat with us. You’ll be glad you did.

Sometimes people ask us how to eat. It’s pretty simple, actually. Humans have been doing the same thing for a long, long time. Now, the basics of our existence need to be revisited, by leaving the techno-sphere for a moment and viewing the world through a different prism. Food comes from the biosphere. If we want to eat well and be strong, alert and able to survive, our food will be found here. And real food will come directly from the biosphere without any round trips to a factory along the way.

What to eat in midsummer? Ah, such a delightful dilemma. But, there’s more to it. Look at the abundance of radiant food around us and then remember winter. Don’t just eat an apricot or a peach today and nod off in the sun. Now is the time to prepare jars and jars of fruit preserves to line your winter pantry, to give at Christmas, and to brighten the coming dark days. It’s really not hard to do, and your kids can help and learn, and eat, and embrace the basics of lost food wisdom.

In fall the days become darker and shorter. Even with cimate change we can feel the shift. Tomatoes become less abundant and their prices go up again. The cornucopia no longer spills out of back of pickup trucks and wheelbarrows. Summer holidays are floating away from memory, and the kids have to have dinner on time and breakfast and lunch as well. What to eat now? We cannot know without thinking about the local fields and the weather and the problems that each day brings to the farmers.

We must become food centric again. We’re being slowly poisoned by food prepared on machines in factories. Machines need solvents and degreasers, which turn up in our food and our bodies now, along with frighteningly toxic BPA from our canned foods. Our produce stays fresh longer because it’s sprayed (with what?) in a warehouse somewhere. And nothing that comes from an intermediary vendor’s warehouse, no matter how local, can be really fresh.

We’re here to help you, with clean ingredients, and great gluten and casein free recipes (remember, your child’s ADD, your inflammation and fatigue, your family trait for asthma, your spouse’s headaches and depression; all will get better without these proteins and without bringing industrial chemicals into our food chain). We’ll make lots of videos and provide practical handholding. Negotiating the transition to real food may feel like a walk in the wilderness, but you won’t be alone. We’ll  offer you seminars and support groups,  creating community and a safety net.  We all must embark, and arrive together in the world view of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Their wisdom is needed now.