Farmer’s Kitchen Cafe is a spin off of Natural Food Works, Davis’ first natural foods store, established in 1972. It was taken over by Rose Anne DeCristoforo and her family in 1998.

Since then, Rose Anne has moved from being another store selling supplements to a full service local food hub. Establishing close ties to local farmers and meat producers has made it possible for Farmer’s Kitchen to offer the freshest locally grown produce and meats.

Farmer’s Kitchen also offers a complete line of artisan, “made in house”, gluten and casein free foods that includes fresh baked breads, rolls, pies, pastas, cookies, pies, cakes, frozen soups, stews, entrees, dairy free ice creams, meats and more.

Eschewing  the high production, factory for model, everything at Farmer’s Kitchen is made on site by skilled and knowledgeable people who are dedicated to making the best and “cleanest” foods possible. There are no “fake foods”, no industrial chemicals, no preservatives or other artificial additives in the foods produced here.